How it Work

Before making a purchase, visit to see if you are buying from a ZEROeffort retailer.
Search For A Store
Search for and follow the link or button on to the retailer you are purchasing from.
Complete Your Purchase
Complete your purchase like you normally would. There is nothing else to do. A percentage of your sale will be credited to ZEROeffort. You've just helped a worthy cuase!
How generates money.
On the internet, retailers often pay for "leads" that turn into sales. This is known as "affiliate marketing". It works like this: I have a website and I send a user to (via a link on my website), where he buys something. If I am an affiliate, I receive a referral fee (usually around 5-10% of the sale) as I helped generate that sale. This is exactly what we are doing at ZEROeffort. We are "affiliates" with over 30,000 online retailers and earn money every time we send along a paying customer, except our "commissions" become donations.

We are able to partner with so many retailers because we are a member of the VigLink network. VigLink is a sort of an "affiliate of an affiliate" program. VigLink has affiliate relationships with over 30,000 retailers. Upon joining VigLink, ZEROeffort, in effect, becomes a member of the 30,000 affiliate programs without having to actually sign up for each individual program. We pay VigLink 25% of our earned commissions for their services. We believe this is well worth the price as it would not be possible for us to join or manage anywhere near that number of affiliate programs otherwise. Additionally, many affiliate programs pay on a sliding scale; meaning the more you sell the higher % commission you earn. Because of its size, VigLink is in the top tier of pretty much all its programs, so even though we give up 25% of the commission, the amount we keep is often still greater than we would earner on our own!
Where does the money go?
We believe the most rewarding part of giving is being able to see the impact your donations have. This is why we aim to work with people or causes that have a specific need. We like being able to tell a story about the causes or people we support, and hopefully are able to help create happy endings. You can check our current cause here. We strongly encourage you to submit any cause that you think is a good candidate to receive donations here. Our goal is to select four causes per year to help support. Of course, if enough people use this site we will be more than happy to help more!
Why use Zeroefforts?
Besides the fact that, like our name suggests, it takes no effort on your part? Simply, our goal is to be as transparent and efficient as possible. We want to get as much money into the hands of those who need it, and not caught up in unnecessary overhead expenses that often dog not-for-profits. To achieve this, we will post monthly reports of the revenue generated, expenses incurred, money donated, etc. on so you know exactly how your contributions are being used.

Additionally, our aim is to create stories that actually show you how your money is being used, so you can feel good knowing your donations are having the highest possible impact.